Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Beginnings

Here we go everyone... I figure this is going to be the easiest way to let you know what I'm doing and making as I flip my headspace into being a student again.
Things are about to start- first class in on Monday. At this point I have an ID card, parking pass, and a schedule! I'll be taking a 3-D modeling class using some of the cad-cam software out there for jewelry and object design. This should be fun and I think it'll also be very important for me in my work over the next few years. I'll also be doing an art history class on the History of Modern Design, and 2 independent study jewelry classes (the topic of one: Body Modifications- so expect some weird stuff from me). Hopefully this will be enough to keep me busy!
Over the next week, I'll start moving stuff and tools into my space- something I've been putting off as the idea of both cleaning my studio (in order to see what's down there) and splitting it all up is frightening to me.
I'll certainly be ordering a bunch of things from Contenti!! (many thanks to those of you again!)... just as soon as I figure out what I need!
I'll post pics of my new studio home as I move in and hopefully get through the first week of classes only mildly battered and bruised. And somewhere in here I'm supposed to be getting ready for ACC Baltimore... I have a month, right?